Eliminate passwords
to maximise security


It’s faster than a speeding bullet and more secure than full body armor

It’s Cyberus Key, a one-touch audio user-authentication system that eliminates the use of passwords and provides the highest level of protection against phishing attacks, identity and data theft, and other hacking attempts with simplicity and speed. Eliminating passwords means they can’t be stolen or hacked — one of the most frequent cybersecurity threats.

How it works

Deploying one-time audio token technology, the login transaction is secured between your website and your user’s smartphone. This transaction is automatically sent to the Cyberus Key authentication server, which confirms the 4-factor user identity and the legitimacy of the website and allows the login to proceed – all in seconds.

Three simple steps:
Your customer downloads and registers the Cyberus Key app from their mobile app store.
After the one-time registration, your customer can always log onto theCyberus Key icon
on your site with a single touch, which transmits our audio token to their phone.
Now automatically logged in, your customer can access services and personal
data knowing their login is fully secure, preventing phishing and even man-in-the-middle exploits.

Benefits of Cyberus Key

No more passwords means your customers’ credentials can never be stolen, making phishing attacks impossible and providing a significantly higher level of protection.
With one touch to login, Cyberus Key offers your customers a seamless and quick user experience on any smartphone.
Whether through the cloud, on site, or in a hybrid set up, it’s easy to install Cyberus Key with API functionality and an SDK.
No matter how quickly hackers work, our unique Cyberus Key technology outpaces any threats to your security and means you will always be one step ahead in protecting your identity and data.