Cyberus Labs confirmed as founding member of Silesian Internet of Things & AI Cluster

Cyberus Labs confirmed as founding member of Silesian Internet of Things & AI Cluster

Katowice, December 18th 2019

Cyberus Labs is proud to be a founding member of the new initiative dedicated to secure development of the Internet of Things.

Today at APA Group’s Black House in Gliwice, Poland, under the lead of the Marshal of the Silesian region,  the agreement founding the Silesian IoT & AI Cluster ( has been signed.

The founding members are Silesian companies and universities: Smart Secure Networks (Cluster’s coordinator), Cyberus Labs, APA Group, Skygate, Revolve, UpperSilesian Fund S.A., Spin-US and Silesian Technical University. The initiative is supported by the Marshal Office of the Silesian Voievideship.

The aim of the Cluster is to create the most innovative, global solutions for the world of IoT. The Cluster is open for all businesses and entities – both public and private – that want to support and contribute to the development of the secure Internet of Things.

One of the main principles of the Cluster is to integrate the great potential of the companies and entities from the Silesian region, their skills, experience and creativity and to use it to create high quality, cyber-secure products and services. 

The Internet of Things creates a huge potential and is one of the fastest developing market in today’s world. The introduction of the 5G will increase its potential exponentially. But this development without implementing adequate security measures may cause more problems than advantages and cybersecurity is already one of the major concerns and challenges for the IoT.

Cyberus Labs will be able to contribute to this initiative with its ELIoT Pro system to provide cybersecurity component to solutions and products  create within the Cluster.

More info on the Silesian IoT & AI Cluster you can find here: