In the service of Healthcare

In the service of Healthcare

On May 5th, Cyberus Labs’s CEO & CTO Jack Wolosewicz will feature as a special guest of the international Know Identity Forum digital organised by One World Identity.

Jack Wolosewicz will be a guest of the seminar dedicated to the Smart Healthcare and will present our ELIoT Pro, smart cybersecurity solution in the service of the medical industry. It will present the potential of the smart cybersecurity system and its cutting-edge concept in the service to fight the results of the Covid-19 pandemic.

One of ELIoT Pro’s revolutionary features is password-less Human-to-Machine authentication component that can be used also in the Smart Healthcare. 

Like many other smart industries also Smart Healthcare is suffering a deep crisis now. But this situation is even more difficult for this industry – also because of the duty to protect sensitive data and above all the identity. Smart solutions that can provide end-to-end security are extremally needed here. And ELIoT Pro is one of them. 

ELIoT Pro can provide for the Smart Healthcare much more than just the secure user authentication. Smart Healthcare is also about smart devices, wearables, smart medical equipment and a lot of very sensitive data that needs to be protected and encrypted. Here the solution is ELIoT Pro’s Lightweight Encryption. As the Smart Hospital  environment is an example of the multi-level and multi-mart-devices , complex ecosystem in which all components must have the highest level of protection of users, devices and data.

This would not be possible without an investment from the European Commission through the SME Instrument – a part of the Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. It gave us – as other best European startups – a possibility to create and bring to the market cutting-edge solution.

Jack Wolosewicz’s webinar is scheduled for May 5that 7.00p.m.CET.

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