From Krakow to Prague

From Krakow to Prague

CyberCentral Conference in Prague invite us to take part in the TechZone & Startups area. It is high level summit with cybersecurity experts from whole Europe and particularly focused on CEE region.

Engagement, sharing knowledge and developing solutions sets out the specifics of this conference. Marek Ostafil – COO Cyberus Labs is going to present in 3 minutes our solution for fast and secure logon system CYBERUS KEY. As as startup we are in startup competition with 5 other cybersecurity businesses on early stage.  Keep your fingers crossed!

This conference is different from the others because the most important is:

Shift IT – To Fit Your Needs

Shield IT –To Find Real Solutions

Share IT – To Help The Entire Region

It is worth to see how CyberCentral Conference is going to change CEE area. MORE.



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