Cyberus Labs & PwC CEE

Cyberus Labs & PwC CEE

We are proud and happy to announce that Cyberus Labs with its revolutionary user authentication platform CYBERUS KEY has been chosen to start building partnership with PwC CEE.

From nearly 300 applicants from all over the Europe Cyberus Labs was selected as the only cybersecurity startup for the group of 12 innovative companies that will be working closely with PwC’s experts to build business cases and future partnership with PwC.

In the framework of PwC CEE’s innovative project Startup Collider we will have a great opportunity to work with PwC’s teams on scaling our business, entering new markets an selling CYBERUS KEY globally to external clients or as a part of  PwC’s offerings.



Startup Collider is another innovative initiative by PwC CEE to nurture and promote Central and Eastern European startups and help them enter the corporate world

We scout, we refine and validate, we sell together.

Startup Collider is a new initiative for nurturing and promoting startups from CEE. Each annual cycle of Startup Collider includes a 12-week-long program with 4 weekly sprints in Warsaw. Startup Collider is aimed at startups that want to scale and enter new markets.

Startup Collider uses the know-how and resources of PwC to create tailor-made solutions, such as 1-to-1 advising, mentoring sessions, external expert insights or PwC Partner’s direct involvement to develop and rocket the startups’ operations, resulting in commercialization, internationalization and sales of the startups’ solutions to external clients or within PwC’s product portfolio, not only within the CEE region, but globally as well.

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